Success isn't a one-man or one-woman job.
Core Growth Strategies is ready to join your team.

Whether you need a consultant, accountant, advisor, or profitability coach, we're poised to build a custom suite of services to fulfill your needs. When you partner with Core Growth Strategies, you'll discover the benefits of cloud-based operations, and you'll have our certified, tech-focused experts to make the transition seamless.

We know it takes discipline and commitment to make a business profitable, and that's why at Core Growth Strategies, we are picky about our clients. We want to build relationships with teams dedicated to investing the time and effort profitability requires. We select clients who are as positive and passionate about success as we are.

Christeen Era

President and CEO

Christeen 1.png

Christeen Era is the President and CEO of Core Growth Strategies, an accounting and business growth strategy solutions provider serving small to mid-sized businesses across the US. With more than twenty years of experience in accounting and business consulting, she is passionate about helping small businesses flourish. Her “Type A” nature drives her to find, test, and implement tools and technology that will help clients achieve profitability and business growth. As a Certified Founding Fix This Next Advisor and Pumpkin Plan Strategist, Christeen helps her clients identify vital needs, streamline systems, build a solid team, and cater to their best and most profitable customers. As a certified Mastery Profit First professional, Christeen also provides her clients with proven methods to greatly improve profitability, while setting up systems that ensure long-term sustainable financial health. Christeen is also a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Certified Accounting Paraprofessional.

Tedra Alexander

Bookkeeper Administrative


Tedra Alexander is a Bookkeeper Administrative Assistant with Core Growth Strategies. With a natural penchant for numbers, Tedra brings her exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills to Core’s team. Efficiency and professionalism guide her work style, and her commitment to “getting things right the first time” makes Tedra an incredible asset.
Along with her husband and their two young children, Tedra lives in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. The family enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible and are looking forward to traveling extensively once the children grow a bit older. 


Garl Gementiza

Internal Accounting Administrator

Garl Gementiza is the Internal Accounting Administrator and Timekeeping Clerk for Core Growth Strategies, where he brings his enthusiasm for Accounting and Human Resources to assist in key areas of the company including internal processes, team growth, and client accounts. A graduate from Brigham Young University in Hawaii, he has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a minor in Human Resource Management & Business Enterprise Systems. 
Outside of work, he enjoys cooking and creating Filipino delicacies for special occasions. He is also a pianist and plays the piano for his church.  Garl, who still very much embraces his youth, also enjoys playing PUBG  Mobile, listening to most musical genres (especially K-Pop) and re-watching the twelve seasons of the Big Bang Theory.

Trinity Nuesca

Administrative Assistant

Trinity Nuesca_Profile Photo_2021.jpg

Trinity Nuesca is the Administrative Assistant with Core Growth Strategies. She brings her creativity and experience with writing, technology, and office organization to serve our team members and clients.  She looks forward to growing with the team and gaining new experiences in additional areas of the company.
Trinity has lived in various cities throughout the country, and currently resides with her mother in Jacksonville, North Carolina. After hours, she spends her time attending to her menagerie of pets. As an aspiring Herpetologist, most of her animals are reptiles like snakes, geckos, and bearded dragons. However, she recently also welcomed a pair of ducks, Kit and Dottie, into the family.


Kimberly Nuesca

Client Accounting Services Manager

Nuesca, Kimberly - Contact Photo.1.JPG

Kimberly Nuesca is our Client Accounting Services Manager with Core Growth Strategies. Kimberly brings her 15+ years of accounting experience to serve our clients in updating and analyzing their monthly, quarterly, and year-end financial statements and looks forward to serving as a valuable resource as they implement viable strategies to grow their businesses.

A native of Hawaii, Kimberly has lived in several cities across the United States and currently resides in Winter Springs, Florida. Along with her daughter, an aspiring Herpetologist, Kimberly owns and cares for a small menagerie of dogs, fish, bearded dragons, geckos, and snakes. 

Charmaine Henriques

Executive Business Strategy Administrator, Client Liaison 

Charmaine Henriques is the Client Liaison and Business Office Manager for Core Growth Strategies, where she works with both our business systems and our clients to ensure a successful orientation and overall client experience. A natural problem solver, Charmaine genuinely cares about her clients, and enjoys answering their questions, addressing their concerns, and coaching them to get the most out of Core’s suite of services. Prior to joining Core Growth Strategies, Charmaine ran a successful interior design firm for fourteen years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, is passionate about volunteering her time, and loves art and design. She lives in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and enjoys spending time with her family while exploring her state’s abundant natural beauty, especially the beach.

Mary Pierce

Tax Planning Consultant

Mary Pierce is a Tax Planning Consultant with Core Growth Strategies. An experienced CPA, Mary has worked in the accounting profession for over 30 years advising clients in construction, real estate, and service businesses. She has advanced expertise in working with businesses in the construction industry. Her expertise in systems, procedures, information technology and human resources, in addition to core accounting and tax skills, give her a unique perspective to help her clients.

Mary graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Detroit with a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a member of the Gold Coast Builders Association, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Mary is married and has two children. In her spare time, Mary enjoys flying with her husband, gardening, and traveling.

Etta James

Office Manager

Etta James 1.png

Etta James is an ambitious French bulldog who has installed herself as Office Manager and de facto “boss” of Core Growth Strategies. Nicknamed “the honeybadger,” Etta approaches all things in life with no fear. She is a risk-taker and a go-getter, and this is how she truly connects with Core’s clients. Etta loves to go on walks, play fetch, and boss her big brother Luca around. She’s passionate about eating cheese and following her favorite celebrity, Mr. Noodle’s poodle Schmoodle, on Sesame Street.



"Core Growth Strategies has been providing us with exceptional services for over 5 years. Christeen and her staff are always reliable, consistent, and willing to go the extra mile when anything unexpected comes up."

— Yui Ueno, ICA Fund Good Jobs