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Core Growth Strategies has been offering stellar accounting services to our clients for over 8 years. We have built the business by being one of the best, most thorough, and most efficient companies in the industry. We offer our clients the most current options for their accounting needs. Not only do we help our clients pinpoint their problems, but we offer actionable solutions. And we understand that our team is at the core of what makes the most impact with our clients. 


CGS is committed to helping each other grow and develop within the accounting industry to ensure that our goals as a business are met, but also that you are fulfilling your dreams. 

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We are team players. We come together to assist, support and guide our team members. We want everyone here to succeed in their job and succeed in servicing our clients. CGS has a great culture that we continue to cultivate. 

Work – Life Balance: With CGS’ fixed flex work schedule and the ability to work remotely, we can support our team to balance their life and availability for their family and personal activities.  

Growth, learning and opportunity: Core Growth Strategies invests in their team as their best asset. We participate in weekly one-on-one meetings, weekly team meetings, cross training, continued education programs, Summer Book Club, Leadership class, as well as personality assessments.

We work with a purpose and improve lives. CGS works with business owners who are looking to grow their business and improve their systems and processes. We assist them in improving their bottom line, move them from survive to thrive and get them dialed in to increasing their profitability. 

Christeen started the company herself and continues to work alongside her clients and her team. She knows what you need to do to get the job done and strives to make every task as seamless as possible.

Current Openings

Core Growth Strategies is always interested in adding APlayers to our team.  We are accepting applications for open positions from the following states: FLORIDA, COLORADO, TEXAS, KANSAS & NORTH CAROLINA.


To apply for an open position, please submit a cover letter and resume. In your cover letter, please introduce yourself, and tell us about one thing in our post that spoke to you and why. Submit to



"I love how passionate Christeen is about the business and helping our clients to excel. She wants me to grow professionally so that I can better serve our clients as they grow too."


Core Growth Strategies - Great Place to Work Spotlight!

Core Growth Strategies earned the Great Place to Work Spotlight Award from the Author of How to Hire the Best Dr. Sabrina Starling back in 2018. We strive every day to continue to honor this Great Place to Work title by following the How to Hire the Best Methodologies and our A-Players Loyalty and Engagement Plan. 

Team Success Administrator

Whether you need a consultant, accountant, advisor, or profitability coach, we're poised to build a custom suite of services to fulfill your needs. When you partner with Core Growth Strategies, you'll discover the benefits of cloud-based operations, and you'll have our certified, tech-focused experts to make the transition seamless.

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