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Core Growth Strategies has been offering stellar accounting services to our clients for over 8 years. We have built the business by being one of the best, most thorough, and most efficient companies in the industry. We offer our clients the most current options for their accounting needs. Not only do we help our clients pinpoint their problems, but we offer actionable solutions. And we understand that our team is at the core of what makes the most impact with our clients. 


CGS is committed to helping each other grow and develop within the accounting industry to ensure that our goals as a business are met, but also that you are fulfilling your dreams. 



  Why work here? 








        We are team players. We come together to assist, support and guide our team members. We want

        everyone here to succeed in their job and succeed in servicing our clients.

        CGS has a great culture that we continue to cultivate. 

Core Growth Strategies Immutable Laws

Deliver exceptional service to our clients. Be available and responsive with interest and care. Be patient, listen and respond. Support the client in their business and business structure. Guide them with knowledge and help them achieve their goals and address their problems or issues. We have the opportunity to add value in every interaction; fix or improve something, provide a solution, provide knowledge or support, communicate with sincerity or simply reassure the client. Do what you say you’re going to do, follow through with your commitments to action steps or tasks.


Do your best to do your job correctly the first time and every time. Be thorough, know your process. Put forth your absolute best effort to make sure the job you are doing is done right from start to finish. Pay attention to the details and go the extra mile to document, follow though, and complete your work. If you don’t know, ask or get clarification or confirmation; learning is growing.

“We were created for meaningful work, and one of life’s greatest pleasures is the satisfaction of a job well done.” ~John C Maxwell


Be a professional and the expert. Communicate and conduct yourself with professionalism. Be personable, kind and sincere, connect with the client, coworker or professional associate. Know your craft, your technology, your solutions, your processes and procedures. Most Important know the client and the most important outcome you can provide for them. Know your workflows, schedules and deadlines. Stay on top of your duties and communicate to your team members and clients about the status and completion of your tasks. Reach out for support when you need it, be willing to learn something new or better. Be present and a team player. Don’t be a downer, complainer or a jerk. No one wants to deal with the naysayer, Negative Nancy or know it all!


Stay educated, work hard and love what you do. Continue to stay up to date on the technology and processes you need and use. Learn new ones, as they contribute to better solutions. Stay engaged, be responsive and know we are all doing our best to provide top notch services. Knowing your craft makes your job easier. Give it your best, it will be appreciated full circle; clients will notice and feel cared for, your team members will admire you and your work ethic and most of all you will know you are great at what you do and you are successful. Enjoy of all the achievements and wins that you can. Success is to be celebrated; know that you’re awesome!

“To educate the intelligence is to expand the horizon of its wants and desires.” ~ James Russell Lowell


Be proactive and intuitive. Step up and be involved. Make suggestions. Solve the problems. Provide a solution so the problem doesn’t happen again. Document the workable process so it’s available to others for future use. Don’t make it a problem for someone else; asking for help can be the solution too. But make sure you’re not just putting it off on someone else- especially the client! Mistakes can be learning opportunities for us all, if we are learning we are growing! 

“A leadership culture is one where everyone thinks like an owner, a CEO or a managing director. It's one where everyone is entrepreneurial and proactive.” ~ Robin S. Sharma

Work – Life Balance: With CGS’ fixed flex work schedule and the ability to work remotely, we can support our team to balance their life and availability for their family and personal activities.  

Growth, learning and opportunity: Core Growth Strategies invests in their team as their best asset. We participate in weekly one-on-one meetings, weekly team meetings, cross training, continued education programs, Summer Book Club, Leadership class, as well as personality assessments.

We work with a purpose and improve lives. CGS works with business owners who are looking to grow their business and improve their systems and processes. We assist them in improving their bottom line, move them from survive to thrive and get them dialed in to increasing their profitability. 

Christeen started the company herself and continues to work alongside her clients and her team. She knows what you need to do to get the job done and strives to make every task as seamless as possible.


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"The time and effort Christeen puts into the personal development of her employees is amazing. She sees the big picture – growing your employees helps to grow your company."


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Core Growth Strategies - Great Place to Work Spotlight!

Core Growth Strategies earned the Great Place to Work Spotlight Award from the Author of How to Hire the Best Dr. Sabrina Starling back in 2018. We strive every day to continue to honor this Great Place to Work title by following the How to Hire the Best Methodologies and our A-Players Loyalty and Engagement Plan. 

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