Business Recession Tools


This graph reflects the behavior patterns that we have typically seen when it comes to recession occurrence. It covers the 5 Stages that a business goes through and what needs to be done in addition to what shouldn't be done.


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This graph reflects the behaviors of the survival trap. Even businesses that have a strategic plan in place can still get caught in a crisis and be dealing with the survival trap where the business owner or the business is responding or reacting to a crisis. The idea it to identify and focus on the business' actual need right now. What is the exact thing you need to do to serve your business and start moving forward in this crisis? You DO NOT want to move forward until this is clearly identified.


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Team Leadership & Engagement

John Bates' Top 10 Tips for Being Your Best, Virtually

John shares his top 10 tips for Being Your Best when you are showing up virtually. Executives at NASA, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, and other forward-thinking global organizations often say that John’s methodology is quite probably the best and most effective approach to leadership, communication, persuasion, and influence that they have ever experienced.

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John Bates is the CEO and communications guru of Executive Speaking Success. He sees success in leadership, sales, management and (more generally, in business and life itself) as a function of great communication.

John is offering a course on Powerful Virtual Leadership in a Time of Great Uncertainty. Being brave looks different these days. This is where your leadership can make a big difference.

Zephyr Recruiting

Every member of your team plays a role in your success. Identifying and marketing to your ideal employees is something that should be done all the time, whether you are currently hiring or not. In fact, 75% of job seekers will research your company's brand before they apply. And according to a LinkedIn survey, companies with strong Employer Brand Marketing see 50% more qualified applicants, take 1-2x faster to hire, and reduce cost per hire by 50%.


Ensuring you stand out now today will lead to easier hiring tomorrow. This checklist (with accompanying videos) will help you identify your RIGHT FIT™ employee, and how to attract them.

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Core Growth Strategies - Great Place to Work Spotlight!

Core Growth Strategies earned the Great Place to Work Spotlight Award from the Author of How to Hire the Best Dr. Sabrina Starling back in 2018. We strive every day to continue to honor this Great Place to Work title by following the How to Hire the Best Methodologies and our A-Players Loyalty and Engagement Plan. 


Reading books together is a great team-building activity, particularly when team members participate voluntarily. That is exactly what happens at Core Growth Strategies. This summer CGS started our Dream Manager Book Club and Vision Boarding exercise with our team!


Want to know how we got this started, what we did as a team and how we supported each other? We will share this with you so you and your team can get the wonderful benefits we did!

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